Welcome to the blog for the Hospitality and Tourism Administration program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale!  Among these pages, you will find stories from our students and faculty as well as information about our programs.  On occasion, we will have guest authors from the tourism industry and our alumni base.  We hope you find our stories entertaining and educational.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hospitality and Tourism Administration undergraduate program is to provide educational, research, and service activities with the goal of enabling students, as well as industry and community professionals, to function in an ever-changing environment.  The program integrates many disciplines that address ongoing concerns and needs of the hospitality and tourism industry.

The mission is accomplished through teaching a combination of relevant hospitality theory and practical solution-based examples using appropriate current technology.  The purpose is to develop industry professionals able to contribute, through employment and entrepreneurship, to the economic growth of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Undergraduate Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Adminsitration

Undergraduate Internship Packet

Professional Development Sequence in Event Planning and Management 

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